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Dirté Sanchez

The Dirté Crab Cube 50g SCA Starfire

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Dirté Sanchez

Been a while, but the tank is doing well! We have pods!!! Lots of pods in the refugium! And the red Ogo algae seems to be doing well, which is a victory in and of itself. The fish are all well except for Mac the wrasse, who is dealing with swim bladder issues. He’s been in QT for almost a week, trying to poop out his issues and medicated with metronidazole and sulfathiazole. Today he started swimming more and actually has green poop rather than white. Progress! He still swims pretty stupid though, so he’s got more time in QT ahead of him. 




Coral row.




JJ peeking out from his shipwreck. 




One the horror trio- either Michael or Freddy. 




Pinky the strawberry crab





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