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Feather duster

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Hi all,


Today I wondered what happened to my big feather duster.

It looks like some one  trimmed his gills half way through.


I know when they stress they might loose some of the gills and I would imagine

this is what happened to my feather duster this time.


Recently I have done a bit of tidying up with the sand bed and 2 days later 

one of the pieces of live rock on the middle folen down so I had to re-arranged it.

The live rock didn't really have good flow through so I put the rocks a bit further apart from each other


Now the main problem is that my feather duster looks like someone trimmed it with scissors. 

Weird thing is it's only like this on one side, the other side looks spotless.


Now I have done a bit or research on my own. I know it probably will grow back.

I want support it's growth and recovery, therefore i was reading what's their diet.

Loads of people recommend feeding extra with phytoplankton.


But do I really need to do it?


I feed my fish 2 times a week with frozen food.

Between frozen food they hcave dried food flakes once a week.

Also with one first batch of frozen food I mix it with reefroids as a extra for corals.

Every second week I skip 1 frozen food and I am feeding the corals only with reefroids only.

Making it as a paste so it all goes nicely in corals mouth.


Please advice if phytoplankton is really a must?


Thank you for all input!



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I suspect that Reef-Roids might be sufficient.  Although phyto would probably be a good addition.

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How often would I need to feed it and how much at a time?

I have 60l Marine tank, already cycled and everything stable.


Also, is there any particular type I should go for? 

First timer with phytoplankton 😄


The little fella looks good, apart from one end with trimmed crown :C



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I prefer live phyto, but the type isn't really that important.  It's pretty easy to culture yourself.


For amount, I'd say to follow the dosing instructions on the bottle (or start with a drop per gallon, once a week).

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