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Coral Warfare??

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I have had a 60 gallon cube for about 6 years, prior to that I had a 75 gallon tank for about 4 years and transferred everything to the 60 gallon tanks so that I could have it in my office (75 gallon tank was too big for the room).   So essentially I have had this tank for a total of 10 years with just different walls.


Anyway, I have had many of the same fish, Corals and anemones in here for many years.  I have tried to add some new corals over the years and they just do not make it.  I have a bubble coral, rose tip anemone, torch coral, leather finger coral, birds nest, and neon green trumpet coral.  They are doing really well!  The Birds nest is growing and expanding, the anemone has divided  many times (keep selling off the new anemones that are created, the bubble coral has even split.  The leather has tripled in size.  The torch is growing and flourishing.  The green neon trumpet coral is surviving so far but is not growing and expanding.  I just added it a few weeks ago though, so it is early to tell if it is going to make it.


I have had my water parameters tested many times and everything is at good levels.  My LFS experts have said that my tank is doing great and everything is at great levels.


Yet, I have tried to add many different kinds of corals - zoos, flowerpots, hard corals, acrapora, frogs spawn, hammers, shrooms, brains, etc. and they all die or start to die and then I have to transport them over to my nano tank before they die and they revive there.


Any ideas what is going on in my tank?  Is it just coral warfare and the existing corals are attacking newly introduced corals?  Is there a way to fix that?  Would a charcoal filter maybe help?


I have many bare areas in my tank that I would like to add corals to, but right now it just isn’t working.  Even the ‘beginner’ corals that I have tried to add, just don’t make it.



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We have very little to base our opinions on unless you give us more info about the tank.  Usually this means relevant test results and at least one good tank pic that shows the coral and major tank hardware.

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