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Pico's RedSea Max S 500

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Tank Details:
RedSea Max S 500
White gloss stand



Stock return pump

Stock circulation pumps x 3

AI Nero 5


RedSea Carbon X 3
Stock 250 um filter nylon

(100 um floor on hand)

AI Hydra 26 x 3

Controller: Apex Fusion (going to sell with old tank)

Apex Neptune aquarium controller pH and Temperature probes
Neptune Systems Automatic feeder
WP2 module with conductivity probe
Apex Neptune DOS with Reservoir

Stock 7.5 gallon ATO reservoir and float valve

300W cobalt aquatics Neotherm

BRS Pukani Rock (30 lbs) (transfer from old tank)

Marcorocks reef base and shelf rock

Stylophora sps:
Stylophora pisillata (Milka Stylophora)

Acropora sps:
Acropora valida (GARF Bonsai Acropora)

Acropora nasuta (Tyree Pink Lemonade) X 2 mini colonies

Acropora anthocercis? (ORA Red Planet) X 2 now one encrusted into one mini colony.

Acropora sps. ORA green planet

Acropora sps? ORA piece (Brown to green and thicker coralites, lavender tips with light green base)

Acropora sps. green with red polyps (Maybe microlados)

Acropora sps. Looks a little like Acropora Millipore

Montipora sps:
Montipora tuberculosa (Mystic sunset montipora)
Montipora sps (Sunset montipora)
Montipora capricornis Red

Montipira capricornis green or 

Montipora undata (Jedi MIndtrick)
Montipora digitata green

Montipora digitata red polyps

Montipora steatosa

Montipora sps (Blue with green polys)


Psammocora sps:

Twin Spot Goby Watermelon

LC Outer space


Favia sps (Pot of Gold Favia)
Favites sps (Raptors Peace Favia)
Oxypora sps (ORA Easter Egg Oxypora)

Bernardpora stuchbury

Blue/Orange chalice

Pink Chalice

Blue/orange Leptastrea


Zoanthid sps. Pink Zippers

Zoanthid sps. LC Mango Tangos

Zoanthid sps. Tyree Orange Rainbows

Zoanthid sps. LC Twilights

Zoanthid sps. LC Golden Nightmares

Zoanthid sps. LC Alice in Wonderlands

Zoanthid sps. Hallie Berries

Ricordia yuma (Midnight orange) x 4

Ricordia yuma (Citron Rainbow) x 4

Ricordea florida x 1

2 Amphriphon ocellaris (Black and regular orange)
3 Chromis viridis

Royal Gramma


New Big Fish

Zebrasoma flavescens (Yellow Tang)

Ctenochaetus strigosus (Yellow Eye Kole tang)

Ctenochaetus strigosus (Regal Tang)


Clean Up crew:
2 Margarites pupillus
2 Nessaria snails
2 Turbo fluctuosa
1 Lytechinus vaniegatus

Water change schedule Red Sea Mix to 35 ppt 
10-20% per week 

Spectrum Marine Pellets
Reed Mariculture/Neptune ATO food (1-2 time daily small bolus)
Golden Pearls
Alternate feedings

1x per week Reef chili
1x per week Reef Roids

2 ml Acropower daily alternating with 5 ml Salifert amino acids weekly

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Looking to add a circulation pump and the AI Nero 5 seems like a good option. Small, can hide the wires and works with the AI app so I can have everything in one place. The other option is a Maxspect Gyre but I like having evening on one app/system. 


I would say I have been spoiled with the EcoTech ecosystem MP40, MP10, M1 and Radion Pro gen 4. I like the spectrum on the Radion and it brings out the colors great. 


Anyone with any experience on the AI Nero 5? the glass thickness is 12mm seem to be at the upper edge of acceptable. 


The RedSea Reefer Skimmer is working fantastic.


I need to trouble shoot the ATO a bit more.  

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Broke Down and bought the AI Nero 5. No issue saying open the side of the tank and boy this pump can move water. 

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Working on chiseling disco mushrooms of my rock as they spread like crazy and sting everything. Dipping (Peroxide) and scrapping rocks to get rid of bubble algae, moved the clowns, one sexy shrimp and the royal gramma. 


Unfortunately my large rock broke in half. My Green M digital Brock near the base. Oh well, will figure this out. 




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I like the slope of your rock work, and the small over hangs you made.

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Thanks! he shelf rock was more difficult to use than expected, some of that was by accident. 

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I already miss my little 50 gallon cube, it was doing so well. 


So far most one everything is now over. Need to get glued to the rock work. The cyphastrea encrusting on the back wall is left and a ton of disco mushroom polyps. 


Dosing BRS alkalinity and calcium supplements 30/15 ml/day. Once I find a buy for all my CadLights tank gear will need to get a new dose pumping solution.  4 channels, alk, Ca, NOPOX and amino acids. I am going to sell the the APEX with the old tank and keep this one simple, I really did not use a lot of the functionality of the controller with the old tank. 


Big goal is to maintain a pH of 8.1-8.3 in this tank instead of 7.8-7.9, hopefully I will see a lot better growth. I Brough home IV gtt from work and planning on hooking it up to a 2 liter bottle and slowly drip in saturated kalkwasser during the course of the day until I break down and get a kalk reactor of some sort. 




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All fish over and doing well.

Coral doing well. 

Alk 3.3 mEq (9.2 dka)

Ca 430

Mg 1360


Ask up a little, did a kalwasser injection to the disco corals to keep them from stinging the other corals, this might have increased all. Also new system coral might be biding there time to start growing again. 


Now time to break down 50 gallon and put it up for sale. 


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Picture time!!

Looking to add a bit of color and so sad to not see a lot of Millipore out there.  Eventually.



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Looks great so far!

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