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Anemone Parents: Wavemaker? Current USA eFlux?

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Had my first tank crisis on Sunday when Gwen, my BTA, went for a walk and met my wavemaker -- it looks she'll pull through. No foot damage. She untwisted herself out of the powerhead. Mouth hasn't gaped or expelled zooxanthellae. Yep, I did a large water change. BTA has moved to a couple new spots since the incident, but definitely seems to be on the road to recovery. Full story in my tank journal (link in signature).


Thinking about getting a different powerhead//wavemaker. Tank is a Fluval evo - 13.5 gallons.

Looking for one that can offer...

- Intake safety (preferably as a standard that comes with or has manufactured foam intake covers specially designed to fit the unit)

- Wave patterns

- Customizable power, speed, frequency

- Small in-tank footprint

- Under $100 preferred, but willing to spend up to $150 if there's a "perfect" option if I must


The Current USA eFlux is my front runner -- but love to hear from any anemone owners using this powerhead? Wondering if the stock foam cover is sufficient protection. Love any thoughts on the powerhead itself, as well.


I currently have the Innovative Marine Wavelink Wavemaker Powerhead Desktop, 165-1500GPH. It's a pretty nice wavemaker, but it lacks safety options.

- Tried covering with panty hose but lost about 90% of the power.

- Tried covering with an organza bag, same result - lost too much power.

- IM doesn't manufacture an intake foam cover (that I've been able to find, at least).

- Current solution is I placed my wavemaker into a plastic strawberry basket (or plastic planter cup) with hose stocking over the back part of the plastic cup. It works great - maintains power strength and seems to be a great anemone safe guard.

- What I'm not loving is the "airplane jet" look we've got goin' on now.


Here's a shot of the powerhead only (without the cover)



&&&& here's my nano airplane jet 🙂 


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