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Help! Red Color Algae!

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Hi there.


My girlfriend has two tanks, a large and a pico tank. The large tank got red algae (dinophylactic agae is what it was called by someone else) a few months ago. It happened after she had a water change gone wrong. She took out her live rock, scrubbed, did a water change and put them back in. 

The red algae came back. 

She bought some turbo snails awhile back, they all died within days. 

She moved her coral and mushrooms to the pico tank, September or so. Everything was going fine in that tank and they’re growing. 

I got home from work today and now it looks like we’re about to have the same problem in this tank. She has tried messing with her lights in the big tank, she’s tested her water. She stopped water changes for awhile, then started back again. 

If anyone has any type of advice, please reach out. She’s had her tanks for no more than 2 years I’d say and she’s tried so much stuff. 

Thank you all!

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