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Maxea hybrid clam long-term

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I bought and acclimated a "hybrid maxima-crocea" clam yesterday and put it in a nice low-direct-flow and brightly-lit spot about 8" from the top of the tank. It fully-extended within an hour and was displaying most of its' inner-mantle. However this morning I woke up and it seems to have scooted itself into a hole, its foot and the few thin byssal threads it had (from being stored in sand at the LFS) are openly-dangling down into the (1/4 or so deep) hole and, on top of that, it seems to have positioned itself in a place where its shell is partially-obstructed. It hasn't fully opened since then, though it still has fine color, shadow-response, and can open *most* of the way. (a bit wider than in the picture below, (you can see part of the inner mantle the lights going off spooked it)

The main problem is that, when I went to move it, the bugger seems to have its' foot wedged or some new byssal threads down as it fought against me with enough resistance that I felt I would hurt it even if I just tried to rotate it.


Should I bite the bullet and risk trying to relocate it to somewhere it might be able to fully-open and grow, or just trust that the clam has found a great spot for itself and see what happens?

Also please excuse the lights-off camera-phone shot and diatoms, kicked up some dust and double-dosed two-part by accident, the cerith and nerites are having a great time at their new buffet though.


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