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Foggy Water

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I have a tank that is semi-cloudy. At first I had what I thought was a solution. I started up a UV sterilizer, and it took care of it after a few days. So I thought it was a bacterial bloom. But less than a week later, it came back. UV sterilizer is still on, but the cloudiness remains.


Phosphates, Ammonia, Nitrates at 0.

Calcium 410.

I've used mechanical filtration as well. The fog just sort of hangs around. It's not terrible, but I've never had this in any of my tanks.



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Figured I'd bump this even though I do t have any responses. The tank is 5 months old. The cloudiness has never gone away. I've ran a ton of carbon, uv sterilizer, big water changes... nothing works. The cloudiness gets worse, then better, then worse again...but it never goes away fully. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Ammonia, nitrates at zero. Calcium at 420 last I checked. Nothing is dying and the couple corals I have are thriving (granted it's just GSP and a torch). I'm at my wits end. 

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Are you running an ammonia based phosphate remover like phosgaurd?

I assume your running some kind of phosphate sponge from your 0 phosphate, unless your running a macro algae refugium somewhere. 

Phosguard for example can make your water white, if you tumble it. 


Are you dosing your tank with calcium or alk? what are you dosing your tank with if your dosing? 

Have you tried to use a water polish filter like this guy:



with the micron filter to see if its possibly some wierd form of sediment which is too small for your current mechanical to filter out?  



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