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Two fishies stax first impressions


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First post. Just got back into hobby for the second time after a brief hiatus. Did a lot of reading on dry rock and came across two fishies stax. Poor reviews,.. maybe mixed reviews is a better description. Just got my package today and wanted share first impression. Only lost about 20 percent or so to rubble. The pieces are beautiful and as you can see , most Arrived intact. I was very happy actually with the prices that arrived and I can’t eat to get it together. From what I can tell there is no bed to cure just a simple rinse in ro and should be good to start cycling. Using Red Sea mature reef. Will post pictures as I progress but I just wanted to give an impression for those on the fence of ordering or not. I couldn’t find much so hopefully this helps a few of you. 


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Any comments on whether or not this scape will work in regards to shading issues or something else I’m missing ? Too much rock perhaps ? Haven’t done this in awhile. Will be running mixed tank with hopes of decent amount of acros down the road. Starting off with hydra 26hd on reefer 170. Any options would be appreciated. 



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looks a little dense down the center from the front-on view.  But those random shelves jutting out sure look good tho 👍🏼


Also if you're looking to go for acros in the future, I'd remove at least the top rock and the next 1 or 2 layers below it.   

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