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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

10g waterbox

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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

Started the tank 12/14/18


Waterbox 10g

Jaebo sw2

Ai prime

Intank filter basket

Chemi pure nano


Filter floss

Neo term heater


Was also running a bag of carbon but stopped recently and the levels stayed the same. Would it be beneficial in any way to run carbon too?


2 clownfish - unknown mutants, the little one was fully submitted in 24 hrs of adding it.

1 fire shrimp

3 blue leg hermit crabs

2 Astrea snails

2 turbo snails


Green Singulara leather - had it for about 60 days its shed its skin twice and has grown alot.

Yellow Candy cane - This thing is bright yellow with no lights on! I changed my phome camera setting to 10k color temp (highest option) and the pictures came out pretty true to life, its still more yellow in person. Got it about 2 weeks ago with 4 mouths and it now has 6. 

Rainbow acan? - can anyone id?

Unknown zoas



Use magnet to clean glass every morning

Top off morning amd night

40% waterchange every Sunday

   -Syphon sandbed 

   -Turkey baster rocks

   -syphon back chambers every few weeks (they stay really clean so i dont see the point.

Change filter floss weekly

Rinse chemi pure and purigen weekly


The fire shrimp lost a claw shortly after being introduced but seems fine, eats the hikari pellets i give the clowns.


I only feed the clowns hikari marine s pellets, is that bad?


I scrapped all the coraline off the snails as i got them and coraline started popping up in places. The largest spot is almost a half an inch, its my pride and joy. 


Also what is the best thing to feed the candy canes and acan? I want to use reef roids but they say dont do reef roids with a new tank. 


If anyone has suggestions for another fish im all ears. Thought i was done but i think i want a blenny or something that can serve a purpose. Ideas for a more well rounded cleanup crew are also welcome. 







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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

Moving this tank tomorrow, wish me luck. Any pro tips are much appreciated.


Couple questions:

1. Anyone have issues with fire shrimp climbing on a leather? I dont think hes eating it but hes in it alot and it causes the leather to close whatever limb its been walking on. Only thing i feed the shrimp is pellets thats the clowns get and dried frozen mysis. Is the shrimp.not getting enough food? I always make sure it gets some but maybe that type of food isnt what he needs i dunno.

2. Thinking about pulling the fire shrimp and adding some pom pom crabs and sexy shrimp. Will they do fine with the clowns? Can i add a pom pom (or 2 if possible) with the fire shrimp?


Thanks, i very much appreciate any shared knowledge. 





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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

Got 4 shirt tentacle torches for $74, pretty sure it was a large colony that was recently fragged, but they are happy campers now.

Got the monti for $15, was told its a spongates so it will plate and branch, which is nice. Have had it for a few months and its growing, i changed the flow up to get the torches right and everybody has loved it. The monti liked it more before but is doing fine. 

Most the coral is on the sand so the move would be easier. Itll be easier to customize correct flow for the corals when i move the tank and glue/cement them into place on the rock.


Ill update you when the mission is accomplished, since everyone is on the edge of their seats. 




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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

Finished the move, everything went smoothly. Only mishap was leaving the tank uncovered in the back of the truck. It was pretty silty for a day or so. Nothing 3 water changes in 3 days cant fix! Was worried about the lack of pods but they showed up again, didnt clean the glass for 2 days to let them repopulate.

The best part about this is i only has 2 viewing panels before now i have 3. 

Now that the move is done im going to epoxy/glue all the corals onto the rocks and have an open sand bed. I like the look of and open sandbed and also for tank maintenance. 

Decided im going to add a sharknose goby to the mix. Cant find any info on if they need a lid or not? They are ORA tank raised if that matters.





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Keeper of my nieces Ocean

O and i bought a few corals yeaterday.

$5 - 2 heads of blue candy cane

$15 - red acan with yellow center

$15 - dragon soul favia (pics dont do it justice)


Got them at Reef Lounge USA in Anaheim. Eatsleepreef did a video on the place on YouTube. Big selection of LPS at good prices

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