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Is my Evo 13.5 at risk of breaking?

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Hi everyone,


Hoping to get some insight here as I've never dealt with tank damage and am concerned.  Genuinely do not know what happened, but yesterday as I was getting ready to do my water change I noticed a piece of glass on the corner of my tank is fractured(splintered?) and I'm worried about the longevity of the tank.  I'm afraid to try and touch it as I don't want it to fully break off, but it looks like all it would take is a little force for it to come right off.  I can tell you I have never hit the tank with anything before (way to conscientious around the tank) so I don't know what could've caused this to happen.  Should I be concerned about the tank failing? I apologize the photos aren't great, but hope they show enough of what the concern is. Thanks for your insight



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That doesn't look good. You are probably OK for right now, but if the crack begins to spread then you've got a real problem on your hands. I would probably start looking around for a replacement tank for some peace of mind.

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Christopher Marks

That's a bummer @s3pang, it looks like an impact chip from something bumping into the corner. Based on your photographs it looks to only be a chip that has terminated back out to the same edge, rather than a full crack through the glass pane. It also didn't go beyond the silicone seam which has a tremendously strong bond with the glass. It's also at the top and not under much pressure at all. Personally I think the tank will be just fine, if it were mine I'd rub a little 100% silicone over both sides of the outside of the chip to bond and protect the area, and then just leave it be.


My advice comes after building glass tanks for a few years, but we all have different tolerances for risk. Shine a really bright flashlight into it and be sure it's just a chip, you might feel better about it all.

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