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777s fluval evo 13.5

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After starting a new job around October last year I decided to start a new tank with the goals of 


1. Being easy to set up.

2. Ease of maintenance. Limited time during the summer and late fall mean little time for enjoyment and even less for tinkering and water changes.

3. Simple and stable. Keeping energy thing in one place with all equipment together and preferably in in the tank.

4. Nice outside appearance with a solid lid and minimal outside the tank.

5. Potential for upgrade later on.


After researching looking at my lfs and browsing the forums I settled on the fluval evo 13.5.


In the 3 months since I started the cycle and the 2ish months since I got my clownfish I've been very happy with it. Nice dimensions, decent flow with the stock pump, lights strong enough for the corals I'm currently interested in, and I don't think I'll ever have a tank without a lid again.


I'm starting this journal to document how far I can go with just the stock equipment. Not to say I won't upgrade down the line but for now I'm just enjoying the simple tank.


Start up in later December.


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I find low-tech reefing to be uniquely appealing, so I am interested to see where you take this tank. Also, sweet aquascape!

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Just after a water change to day. 


I changed the scape around to open up the sand bed on the right side of the tank. 




  1 black clownfish 


  1 blue leg hermit

  2 nerite snails 

  1cerith snail


  1 candy canefrag

  2 hairy mushrooms 

  1 large red mushroom

  2 zoa frags 

  1 large frag of gsp (love this for the movement it gives the tank and the bright color.)


 Future livestock 

I'd like to get a bonded pistol shrimp and gobie as my second and last fish.

Maybe one more hermit. A red leg?


More zoas.

A feather duster worm. I think there neat but I think I'll wait till things stabilize for a while.

What ever pops up at the lfs provided it fits the tank parameters namely the light.







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9 minutes ago, billygoat said:

I find low-tech reefing to be uniquely appealing, so I am interested to see where you take this tank. Also, sweet aquascape!

Me too. I do however think what can be achieved with hitech systems is breathtaking, and if I had the money and space I would definitely go with a larger more controlled system. Not that I'm not loving this simple little tank but there is something stunning about larger reefs.🤗

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I agree with you there... I'm in the same boat as you are when it comes to time/space constraints, which is one of the reasons I opted for a super low-maintenance setup. But if I had all the free time in the world to work on my system, and all the space I could want to set it up? I shudder to think how much money I would end up spending! 😄

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Update time!!!

 So after several months with the stock light as well as the stock pump I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't cutting it.


 After some admittedly drunken research and and shopping I settled on the prime HD and am loving it my new pump should be here next week.


  I've made several livestock purchases including.

A skunk cleaner shrimp

An emerald crab

2small zoa colonies 

A three headed Duncan frag 

A nicely colored acan 

A small Kenya tree 

A teny tiny two headed hammer 


 All previous livestock are doing very well.


 Water changes are around 3 to 4 gallons done on sundays.


 I top of with fresh water daily.




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Looking great, cool little clown!

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