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I think I have dino's

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Anything with sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate is not readily available here as both ingredients are banned and requires special permits etc to import, export, sell.

18 hours ago, taima1shu said:

Any updates on your progress with dino? 


Yes. I was planning on a detailed follow up but my dino's are gone. 


I introduced a large supply of pods and rotifers, started dosing phyto every other day. 

Pods and phyto are a major competitor to dino's.


I stopped doing waterchanges, fed reef roids daily, fish fed twice a day.


Got my phos up to 0.15 and nitrates to 2. 

The dino's are gone but not until phos went above 0.04.

I verified it with microscope.


I will slowly introduce small waterchanges soon, reduced phyto dosing but it will be part of my routine. I will also add pods periodically to the tank, just not sure how often that needs to be done


will maintain higher nutrients because various studies not only prove that this keeps dino's in a dormant stage but actually is beneficial to the complete tanks ecosystem.


My corals have never looked better. 


Keeping fingers crossed because it's very easy for dino's to have the perfect environment to flourish. 



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