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Glue ON War Coral :'(

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Hey guys,


I have a war coral that i decided to remove off the frag.  The removal process worked out better than I thought, for some reason I couldn't get a solid attachment.  Eventually it was enough I guess...at least until a massive snail wants to suck the life out of it lol.   My concern is while attaching the rag I messed up and a little of the glue onto the actual coral, like the flesh/mouth part 😢  Do you think this will harm the coral?  Is there anything I can do to remedy this and get this guy happy and healthy again?it was a reef save glue called.  FWIW I took these pics moments ago...it is 1:08am and quite dark except a low intensity blue led in the bathroom.  So is it ruined after that or is there something I can do to help?  Thanks guys.  Love it here. 🙂




it was definitely more green and red 😕  I'm really hoping it can pull through this.



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