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Please Help Sick Clownfish

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 Hi everyone, I have a 10 gallon Nuvo FOWLR, I purchased 2 clownfish 3 weeks ago with one of them dying the next day due to what I suspected to be Brooks but I have not been able to get this one to eat since I bought it. Tank has been setup 5 months. The fish has now started to developed this strange scaring on his head to what I think might be ammonia burns, I did start treatment with prazipro for intestinal parasites about 4 days ago and had some snails die overnight after the initial treatment nitrate did spike to about 20ppm but did a water change to get it down the next day. I think I might of caught the spike to late. Does anybody know what this might be any help would be greatly appreciated 


Current tank readings with Api

   Ammonia 0-0.5ppm 

   Nitrite 0ppm

   Nitrate 10ppm


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There's a good chance that whatever killed the first fish has infected this one as well.  Also, if there is any question that your API ammonia test is reading 0.5, then ammonia is way too high.  A fish will not eat when being poisoned by ammonia.  However, you can't mix Prime with Prazipro.


So you said that the tank has been setup for five months.  Has the rock been in there for this whole time?  Did you add more rock later?  Did you test for ammonia prior to adding your fish?


I'm at a loss at just what to do.  It needs to be in a cycled tank.  It might also be sick.  I'm kind of worried about him.  I guess I'd change out all of the water and dose with Seachem Prime to see if he starts eating.  Then at least you can take that out of the equation.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm also really worried for the poor lil guy he's starting to thin from not eating but he's still swimming normal. I'm just not sure if he actually has Brooks or not since he's been this way since I had him the other clown quickly started to shed skin before he passed. The tank has been cycled for a while now and I did test the water before adding them. I've tried offering him flakes and pellets along with brine shrimp and he hasn't taken anything. I'm gonna try the 100% wc w/ prime now 

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15 hours ago, JwReefs said:

Ammonia 0-0.5ppm

10 minutes ago, JwReefs said:

The tank has been cycled for a while now

Those two statements don't align.


Anyways, I really wish you and your fish luck!  I've never had to deal with Brooklynella hostilis.  I've heard that Formalin might help.  Maybe you can do some more research on Clownfish Disease.  But from what I've read, if it had Brook, this fish would likely be dead already. :unsure:


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