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high flow corals for nano?

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A bit of background

I have a 7 month old biocube 14 with truelumen pro LEDs and a wave maker which does 521 gph flow. I dose kent nano reef part a and b. and I have 4 coral colonies which are thriving

The corals are

Red Cap Monti (doubled its size in 4)

Recently got an unknown stylophora which was in a low flow tank in Petco and got it for FREE (started growth on a new branch)

Duncan coral (is growing 3 more heads)

a yellow birds nest coral (also doubled its size)


I have a single fish, a domino damsel and some hermit crabs for the cleanup crew.


I'm looking for a high flow coral, preferred softie or encrusting coral for my tank to clear up the last space on the life rock

Any Ideas

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