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Still cool white LEDs?!

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Hey, all!


For my upcoming IM Nuvo Concepts Abyss Peninsula Glass drop-off tank. I have been researching the newly launched Kessil A360X, but it seems like it may still be stuck in 2000. Running cool white LEDs, just like all the other "big ones" (EM, AI, etc...)? As for better spectrum, I hear many people here on nano-reef are raving about the Nano Box fixtures. Although the spectrum looks nice, a single will not provide me with enough par, and the duo is long. I'm visioning a clean (preferably white) round or rounded square LED light, with good updated full spectrum. Any thoughts?

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The Duo will work but mounting is the issue on the peninsula tanks. Unless you don't mind it being on the side. 


Every LED light has its own unique color. I have people that like AI, Ecotech and Kessil better than the NBR spectrum. It comes down to a preference. Most LED lights will grow healthy corals these days. Find a unit that fits what you want it to look like, what features your looking for and most of all fits your bill. 



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Hi, Dave!

Just finished watching an episode of ReefBuilders, with you in it 🙂

I get the whole color is subjective, thing. The first DIY LED project I made was using CW + RB (1:1). And while it sure grew corals I much prefer the look of warm/neutral white mixed with RB, blue, and other spectrums, for a full spectrum light. Do you know if Kessil is still using cool white LEDs in their new A360X?

I was eyeing the new Kessil AP700/A360 mounting arm, that hides the kessil power cord inside, for a clean look. Maybe this could be used with the Duo Plus M also, with a hanging kit?


What are the PAR values under Duo Plus M, at various distances from the pucks?

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