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Help with my Coral Placement Strategy (See Pic)

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Hello guys,


This is my first reef tank and it is almost completed the cycle. I will first add my few fish I have picked out and then slowly start to add coral. I want to map out my coral placements instead of just buying and throwing them in there. That way I can research the corals and know how to take care of them and all of that. I will be adding the SPS and Lobo way later, at least 6 months down the road but the others I will add after fish are in there and everything is stable. 


What I need from you guys is to tell me if I have everything mapped out correctly or are things in the wrong place to where I will have problems. As it relates to flow Koralia 425 & Sicce 1.0 return pump, lighting (AI Prime HD) and coral warfare (will something be stinging something else if it's too close etc...) This is a 20G waterbox for size reference. 




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Nice rock work and way to go with planning and mapping coral placement. One thing to consider is the monti placement as it may shade the areas beneath it as it grows. The hammer and frogspawn should be fine in close proximity of each other. Your tank will look great!


Keep us posted with progress!

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Ahh thanks reposer didn’t think about that. I’ll put the month on the other side then so it doesn’t shade anything.

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On 3/14/2019 at 3:52 PM, msummerf said:

Ahh thanks reposer....

Gives you a compliment and some good advice, so you go insulting them, calling them a poser...



That’s a nice layout. I’m not typically a fan of cubes as the dimensions can be quite difficult to work with, but I think you have pulled it off quite nicely. You don’t see many people planning out their coral selection and placement.

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Haha thanks Beer, well I am not patient and waiting for the cycle to end is torture. So I had nothing better to do than plan out the coral placement. I'm a noob but when I put my head to something usually will figure a way to make it work. So hopefully it works out. We will see. 

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