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Newly Cycled Tank, are my Nitrites normal?

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12 hours ago, Scotty Amen said:

One thing that comes up over and over is don't trust the LFS.

I really have issues with this statement. One thing that is frustrating with the forums is the constant bashing of local fish stores. Yes, there are some poorly run and poorly managed stores, but most stores are not this way. There are plenty of very helpful, very knowledgable store owners and employees out there. Occasionally mistakes are made, or incomplete information is given, but I cannot accept the idea that most store owners are completely uncaring and have no clue about what they are talking about or selling and are just out to make a quick buck. Especially when these statements are regarding a product the poster knows nothing about and freely admits that they did not even make an attempt to learn about the product and process in question.


People complain about not having access to a local fish store, but then go and bash all LFSs based on comments they have read from others. I’ll typically listen in when I hear owners/employees talking with new potential aquarists and the only time I have heard staright up bad/wrong advice was a younger kid at a Petco. If you are really into certain aspects of the hobby and have spent a lot of time esearching it, you may know that area better than the LFS owner, but I am sure there are other areas thay could go far deeper into that you would be clueless about. It is pretty difficult to be a specialist in all areas of the hobby and know every detail of every fish, invert, and coral. Things will get missed and there are differences in how to approach everything and still be successful.


/rant off


Sorry about going a little overboard with that. I’m starting to realize the severity of the LFS hating and lementing and it is frustrating seeing that. Of the 20+ privately owned stores I have within a to two hour drive (yes, I have visited them all and know that I am very fortunate), I can only think of two that have questionable selling practices and advice. I have disagreed with some advice that I have heard doled out, but that is because those are things I have kept and heavily researched and know of some of the newer techniques as well as having in depth experience to apply.



I do agree whoe heartedly with the statement abut researching and verifying advice you are given. This goes for anything you hear with exceptions maybe for a few that are the leaders in the marine hobby, but they tend to post their research and documentation to back up their ideas.

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5 hours ago, Beer said:

Just for some clarification, Fritz Turbo Start 900 is intended to be used as the LFS owner stated and as the OP did.


There are some independant tests going on over at R2R to test the validity of the claims and efficacy of several of these quick start products. Anecdotally, from the initial test, it does appear that the bacteria in the Fritz product is extremely viable and is able to bring 8ppm of amonia down to 0 in less than 48 hours. (There was some misdosing with the initial test. The current testing is a little bit more scientific with constant monitoring and constant lower level dosing to simulate fish in the system instead of a single big upfront dose to 2ppm)


I know this goes against common practice and what we understand about the nitrogen cycle, but some of these products do appear to do what they advertise. Though in this situation it appears that the conversion from nitrite to nitrate is a little bit slower to pick up than the ammonia to nitrite process.

That is what I thought as well, upon my research I saw the post from R2R and when reading the bottle. My tank at the moment does not seem to have any issues besides the slight Nitrite. The fish also does not show any distress, and acts normally 🙂

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