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Aquamaxx Warranty Service

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I'm looking for experience with getting replacement service from Aquamaxx.  I have a 12 inch Prism light that has 1/4 of the blue led out on it under a year old.  Contacted warranty hoping they would send me a replacement.  They want me to send the light first(leaving my tank in the dark) and if they think I've damaged it myself through misuse, will charge me for the repair or replacement.


I'm not to happy with their customer service or their treatment of me so far.  Don't really seem to stand behind their products.

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Sounds like reasonable service to me. For all they know you could have dropped it in your tank. They can't just send out a replacement every time someone calls . 


If they find it to be a defect then they will warranty it, if it's user damage why should they take the hit. 


I would grab a cheap par 38 like the abi off of Amazon to use while its out for repair. 

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Okay point taken.  At the same time, light was not misused on my end.  From my treatment and wording in the emails so far, I'm worried they will make something up to get out of honoring their warranty.  That is why I'm looking for how trustworthy the company is in honoring their warranty in situations like this.

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