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Small, cheap pump - Homasy 80 GPH


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Wanted to post a review for a super cheap ($8.99) tiny little pump I bought on Amazon, the Homasy 80 GPH.  


I purchased this to serve as the pump for my auto-top off system I create a year or so ago.  I think people appreciate reviews of higher dollar items, but that we do not always take the time to let fellow reefers/diy crowd to know about inexpensive items that work for them.  


While I am sometimes a bit wary of the lowest end, price wise, import items on Amazon I felt $9 (I have an Amazon Prime membership so shipping was "free") was worth the risk.  Also, as this item will only be "running/on" for a few seconds at most once or twice a day, reliability/durability is not as important in this instance.  


The pump is very small, 1.87in x 1.68in x 1.24in (47mm x 43mm x 30mm), and can be placed inside the reservoir I also found on Amazon.  The setup I am using for my ATO is to have the reservoir right next to my tank so the lift height power of the pump is not too crucial for me as it only has to move the "up" less than a foot.  


The description of the pump being "ultra quiet" is a bit of a stretch.  As it is an ATO for me, some air I believe naturally gets pushed back into the pump when the sensor cuts it off.  Thus when it turns on (via the float switch sensor) it is a bit noisy but quickly pushed the water through the tube, removing any air.  It is sit directly on the bottom of the plastic reservoir (I removed the suction cups after it got attached/stuck to the bottom once and I had a bit of a time getting it out) so the rattle effect occurs.  But again, for me as this is only running a few seconds at a time I do not have an issue with that.  


I will add the cover/housing over the impeller is easily removed as well as is a second piece underneath.  Impeller can be removed and cleaned as needed.  The output port has two options (made larger by removing the pipe), but I kept it as standard airline hose fits snuggly in smallest portion, which is perfect for my needs as the pump is down in my reservoir and I do not want it coming loose.  


This pump could easily fit inside the standard 5 gallon jugs so if you are in need of something to stir/mix salt water consider giving this a look.  It would also serve to remedy an "dead spots" in terms of flow or water movement in your tank.  If you have a small AIO or false wall you have added and are in need of a small pump it could also work for you.    



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19 minutes ago, stevejo said:

Gonna give this a whirl for my 5G mixing bucket - thanks!

No problem--hope it works out for you! 

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