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Nitrate not leaving.


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Im still having a bit of a nitrate spike going on. I do water changes but it's still hanging around. The tank has been up for 4 months now (cycled) and the nitrate level is at about 40. My other params.. are good all at 0. What to do?:(

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try to look at your tank and figure out if anything could be releasing nitrate into the water. for instance;


do you have a bio-wheel on your filter?


do you change filter pads frequently?


do you syphon the debris out of your tanks at water changes?



these are the types of things that can cause nitrate. any scummy area that collects crap from the tank, even carbon bags. if they are not changed frequently the nitrite gets broken down into nitrate but the nitrate cannot be broken down because of to much air. so it leeches back into the tank.


luckily nitrate is the least dangerous of the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate trio.




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Yes I have 3 fishes. Clown, Royal Gramma and Frirefish. But Nalbar just opened my eyed.I haven't changed my filter bags in about a month. Darn.

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