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Dark Red Stationary Urchins?

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I have these little pom pom balls on top of a piece of live rock and they look like tiny urchins. They are a little smaller than a pencil eraser but more of a spherical shape. They pretty much have been in the same spot for as long as I can remember but they look very much like little organisms. Sometimes I feel like they've moved slightly (like a couple cms), but I might be imagining that. Small patches look smooth and lighter, but most has tiny little spine looking things that aren't long, but give an unevenly fuzzy texture. They are straight like urchin spines, though, and not just a general fuzziness.


Today one of them kind of looks like it's reproducing honestly, but I don't know if that's the case. But one definitely looks like it's got a smaller little orb growing out of one side. They are a burgundy kind of dark pink/maroon kind of color, very similar to coraline algae.


This description is probably as good or better than a photo as they're small, near back of tank, and my phone is old with a crap camera.

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I did look a little like the foraminiferans before, but seems to have changed shaped since my last post. Looks like maybe they are small sponges as one is growing an "arm" of sorts. The other actually looks like it has shrunk a bit and it less of a sphere shape and more of a nub shape now. Thanks to all for input. I need to get a new cell phone with a good camera. My Galaxy S5 doesn't cut it for these kinds of photos.

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