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bad pepermint shrimp!!!


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so, I brought home a xenia from work tonight. After driping him in, i plopped him in my tank. before I had even removed my hand from the coral, my pepermint was on top of the xenia, plucking off his little heads and poping them in his mouth like popcorn chicken.

the shrimp is now temperarily living in my bucket of fresh salt water until i can return him to my work....punk


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wow i just bought a xenia the other day to and my pep did the same thing but he only ate one head and hasnt touched it since maybe he thought it was aptaisia at first hmmmm....

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i had someone come in to my store and tell me it looked like a camel shrimp as well. he has a little hump on his back, but not nearly as pronounced as a camel. well, im not going to give him another chance...hes outa here.

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What I think...


Your xenia was stressed and had a little dying tissue because of the time it took from your work to your house. Peppermints are cleaners in nature. So...you little guy smelled the dying tissue and started cleaning.


Try putting more xenia in there from your work...but cover it with something so the pep won't get to it and see if the pep touches it after you remove the cover in a few days. When I say cover, I mean something that will allow water to flow also.


Or it could have been a camel shrimp and there is your answer.



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question: do camel shrimp eat shrooms and zoos as well?

I have had shrooms and zoos in there with him since the birth of the tank, and he hasnt touched em, only the xenia he seemed to like.

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