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tony’s 14g peninsula

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I’ve had some variation of this tank up and running for the past two years now - running with the same live rock since then that I got dry from BRS, some of the same corals & my skunk cleaner shrimp named Kevin who’s been with me through two moves and two subsequent tank transfers (my original IM 25 lagoon to a Fluval evo 13.5 to this IM 14 Peninsula). This has kept things interesting, and led me to going bare bottom as I will be moving again in July and it has just made things less complicated, although I may eventually add sand back in. Things have settled down for me a bit in the past few months though, and I’d really like to start posting here regularly just as a way to track my own progress with this tank. 


I’m hoping to start adding some more corals again soon and next week will be adding a Wyoming White clownfish (who my girlfriend has aptly named Alfredo) that I’m hoping my clownfish Bonnie will be nice to.






- Innovative Marine 14 Gallon Peninsula



- Nanobox Tide with Mint Channel



- Sicce Syncra 1.0

- Aqamai KPS



- Eheim Jager 50 watt 


Auto Top - Off:

- AutoAqua Smart ATO micro

- AutoAqua Smart Temp Security

- IM 5 Gallon Reservoir



- Red Sea Coral Pro (1.025)



- Hanna Salinity Tester

- Artfully Acrylic Lid

- inTank Media Basket

- VCA Random Flow Generator

- Tunze Nano Magnet

- Oceanbox Designs Anemone Den








Fish and Inverts:

- Kevin the Shrimp (2yrs)

- Bonnie the Domino Clownfish (1yr)

- Alfredo the Platinum Clownfish




- Duncan coral

- Hammer coral 

- Orange Ricordea 

- Green Alveopora

- Green Pavona

- Red Montipora

- Red Mushroom

- Neon Green Caulastrea

- Eagle Eye Zoas

- Bloody Mary Zoas







Here’s some pictures:



























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Picked up our new clownfish (Alfredo) and a red montipora and a bloody mary zoa frag!



We ordered a small platinum white clownfish at our lfs and he’s a little bigger than we had thought but so far no aggression from either one. Keeping Alfredo in the breeder box for now and we’ll see how things go


Obligatory acclimation pics:















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Quick water change before going on vacation for a week on Saturday. Any advice on tank prep for vacation? We’ll be gone a week and we have house sitters (girlfriend’s cousin) who will be staying at our apartment and taking care of our dog. Thinking of telling them to feed every other day as I’m worried about over feeding.


Our new clownfish, Alfredo, is settling in nicely and Bonnie isn’t being too much of a bully. Pretty happy about this.


Bloody mary zoas were a great addition although they are a little pissed off right now after the water change and I wasn’t able to get a good picture.


Thinking of taking the montipora digitata back and exchanging for a monti cap.








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Be very specific on how much your house sitter can feed the tank.


Hopefully your lights are automated.


And show them what water they can top off the tank with

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awesome tank, what are those cloves called in the back.... they look amazing!

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8 hours ago, 748S911 said:

awesome tank, what are those cloves called in the back.... they look amazing!

Thank you! Trying to learn how to take better pictures as I go.


If you mean the green coral by the back wall it is called alveopora

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