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Good News & Bad

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First the Good News

NanoRox is growing!  In the past 4 months since I started sales have increased month after month.  I am getting great feedback and suggestions and most importantly, I'm sincerely enjoying bringing NanoRox to the reefing community.  Since I do this part time, I am finding orders are taking me longer to knock out simply due to the increased volume...and that's a great problem to have.  As a result, I am hiring a person to help pour the resin molds so I can build up an ongoing inventory.  And finally, I am gearing up to start attending some future coral shows as a vendor!!!  




Some Bad News

I have had just about 4 months so evaluate where best to put my limited marketing dollars.  I look at cost, engagement, effort etc and reconcile that to my plans for moving forward.  Social media has really taken off and has huge potential for continued growth, etc.  Unfortunately it does not appear my vendor forum here works well for NanoRox.  Nano-reef.com is THE BEST nano online community bar none but ROI for me is not where I need it so in a continued effort to grow, I have to reprioritize my efforts.  As a result, the NanoRox official vendor forum will close the end of March.  I went into it knowing it was a kind of experiment so I'm just reacting to the results.


I intend to still update my own personal tank blog (I have really let it go these past 4 months) and actively participate in the user forums so wanted to let anyone watching know that NanoRox is doing great, its growing and still Roxing and rolling.  


follow me on Instagram @NanoRox1 and watch what happens next!  




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Christopher Marks

Thank you for supporting the community! You’ve created something truly special @NanoRox!

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The best decisions are often the hardest! You’ve more than proven your worth to this community, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if in the future you find your marketing budget growing to a point where you’ll be back. 


Thanks so much for your dedication and using your talents for us! 


Cheers bud! 

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