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Newly setup tank. Some advice sought.

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Hello, I've been lurking here for quite some time while I planned and set up my tank. 


Excuse the mobile pics. 


It's similar to a reefer E-170.


I took alot of time choosing and scaping my live rock which I am quite happy with, got some blue/purple mushies bottom left, 2 hammers, one back right doesn't get much flow but opens up nicely, I've moved the green one to front/center close to my elegance. My green devils hand is constantly moving and changing shape, the clowns love it. 

I got a nice frogspawn wall that I stuck in the cave and a white frogspawn on the top left. 


I'm not sure what the green coral on the rock over the mushies is? Can supply more pics for ID if required. 


CUC consists of :

1 strombus snail. 

6 peppermint shrimp

4 zombie snails


I will get a blood shrimp when they are available at my LFS, they got redline cleaners in but in AUD they cost $150 😞


Hitch hikers:

Some tiny brittle stars? 

A selection of snails (turbo I think) 

Possibly 2 small crabs, kinda hairy, small claws. 

Hairy slug snail (no idea what it is, like a flat snail with hair)



Pair of clowns

Royal Gramma

Flasher wrasse

Carpet blenny

Yellow Coral goby (deceased) female clown is an asshole...


I do 10% water changes 3 times a month and 25% once a month with sea water @1.025.



Im wondering what other fish I can add before I'm fully stocked, I like peaceful and colourful?


Also with regards to coral should I take it easy for now and see what happens with my current colonies? 


Any advice really is appreciated. 







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Nice tank. I like the aquascape.


I think you are pretty stocked on fish.


a small goby might be possible.  


How old is the tank?



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Tank is about 5 months in. 


I had a coral goby but I'm sure the female clown was harassing him and he didn't make it. 

Is there another goby that would be more hardy? 

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Check out liveaquaria.com they have a list of gobies.


Watchman, pink bar are 2 I can think of.


If you are having issues with the clown being aggressive, it might be better to stick with what you have.


As for corals, I've never particularly waited long to add them besides specific types of corals that required a mature system or more experience

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