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Blue Xenia and Zoas

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Frags, price on pics, pick up (no shipping) in NE saint Petersburg 
Blue/Purple Xenia 30-40ish heads, and 25 ish heads for the teo smaller on the right
La Lakers Zoa 7 heads
Midas Gold Zoa 8 heads, 6 babies forming
The bottom images of the zoa are the colonies they came from. 
Prices are OBO as im not sure what realistic pricing is
Will trade (+/- cashfor reactors, ato containers, 1/4" acrylic sheets, apex gear, vortech mp40qd, rimless cube 50 or bigger)
Sorry i dont have a fancy "Tru Vu" lense
Also willing to frag anything else present attachFull987369 attachFull987368 

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