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Help with Starting BB IM NUVO 10 Tank

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Hi all, 


I've not been online for quite a bit or really following the reef community. I kept a 5 gallon AIO Tetra tank going for almost 4 years with pulsing xenia (handling most of the filtration), an outcropping of ricordea/other shrooms, a trio of sexy shrimp, and a green banded goby. Unfortunately, during a trip last Summer my roommate's cat got into my room and unplugged the powerstrip running the tank shutting everything down but the light for an entire five days. I came home to a very very dead tank and was so sick over it I refused to start it back up. Got bit by the tank bug again though shortly after Christmas and I'm back and ready to try again. I was debating between the Nuvo 10 and trying an even smaller pico than the 5 gallon but couldn't decide which and my partner finally told me to quit bugging him about it and just set up both so the NUVO 10 is ordered and I'm still deciding on a Pico lol 


I'm going to run the IM 10 barebottom and go with a meadow theme. I'm hoping I can convince GSP to cover the bottom and then I have a piece of tall/narrow tonga that will serve as the centerpiece "tree" and a few smaller pieces to serve as hills or mounds. I know I'll need to wrangle the GSP to keep it from taking over, I've tango'd with it before but I'm really fond of it and think the tank will look pretty cool this way. For other corals, I'll probably stick with what I'm comfortable with and stay with softies like zoas, paly's, rics, shrooms, toadstools, or easier LPS. I may try my hand at monti's or bird nests once it's up and running but I've always been too lazy to keep a tank clean enough for SPS. My only concern is the flow requirements of the GSP and everything else. Any GSP I've ever grown liked med/high flow and the others not so much. I'm hoping if I place a powerhead lower down in the tank the GSP on the floor will get the flow it wants and everything up on the tonga "tree" will be buffered somewhat. 


Questions I have:


This will be my first BB tank and my first nice AIO tank. My other tanks have been cheaper or frankensteined together. What CUC do I run for this tank with no sand band? Burrowing snails don't seem too useful here...


What suggestions does anyone have for media? I already bought the Intank Media Basket for it based on what I've read here. I'm used to running simple filterfloss and then a bag of chemipure/carbon/etc. for nutrient absorption stuffed into the back chamber. I'm not used to this much space in the back of the tank and I don't know what to do with it all! Once it's up and running I know I want to eventually add an ATO of some sort to the 2nd or 3rd chamber. I'd love to maybe try a refugium (I've seen that on here in one of the media shelves). I'm not sure how necessary a skimmer, reactor, doser are going to be in a tank this size...


Thanks for the help and I am super excited to get back into this and have a tank again! 

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Zane W

A skimmer would not be nescasary at the size if you plan to do weekly water changes, everything else isoptional lol, refugium, or chaeto reactor wood suit your tank well when its older!


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