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Acan + Montipora ID help!

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Hello guys! I just brought home two frags from a LFS, though they didnt know the name of the acan nor the exact montipora name. The latter is important, as i'd like to know how to expect the montipora to grow. I'll leave some pictures, thanks guys!2113780647_ScreenShot2019-02-11at6_30_58PM.thumb.png.35f66925ce12bc8e216af29b82f1df4d.png


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Those are acan lords or micromussa lords depending on which description you follow. And they pretty. I have some like that.

The monti... i dont think is a monti. Im leaning towards a chalice or something encrusting.

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There is a current divide between the hobby and scientific community on the classification of acan lords to micromussa lords. On the hobby level and as far as import is concerned its an acan

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