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Changing sand bed during/after cycle

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I got black sand as I thought it would look good in my 90L Nano (big mistake) and want to know that would it be better to change the sand sooner rather than later or vice versa. Would it undergo another cycle after completion? Or should I wait until I get some livestock in there? If there are any other tips that may help they’d be greatly appreciated! 



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Unless it's a dsb, changing sand shouldn't be an issue if done correctly.


I did mine all in 1 day and the only difference was the benefits from removing the black sand I chose to use.

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A majority of your nutrient cyclng comes from the rock so changing out the sand won’t be an issue, esp with a newish tank. Waiting til you get livestock will only complicate things, so I’d do it now. Rinse the new sand in a bucket, with freshwater until it runs clear, finish rinse with RO/DI to get the chloramines out and ur good to go.

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