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Clear Polyp Growing... Not sure what this is.

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Hey Reefers,


I have a question today on what this little guy is growing near the bottom of my aquarium.


It doesn't seem to look like aptasia or majano but I could be completely wrong here.


It also doesnt look like an RFA baby but it is posted up near my RFA....fingers crossed LOL.





Here is the same picture slightly color corrected:




Appreciate the feedback.


- John

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My Rock was just reefSaver rock, it was never "alive."


The More I look at it, the more it looks like an RFA, ill keep posting pictures with progression.


- John

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7 hours ago, KNelson said:

Check out "ball anemone"


@KNelson definitely could be, but the arms look too small to be that. My little guy has a foot and no real mat growing so I am pretty convinced this is an anemone.


It is still young and trying to take shape, but its starting to color up under my blues - very vibrant orange/red stripes seem to be on its face.


It also has a center mouth which seems to glow as well. Fingers crossed that my single RFA might have had babies and this is the only guy to make it.



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