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What Type of Leathers are these?

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This my INM 20 gallon long tank and I set it up around January 2018. It’s been up and running pretty good with no major problems yet. I’ve had these two leathers for almost 6 months now but when I first got them they weren’t marked as anything special in fact they were just $10 frags I happened to come across (Obviously much smaller). Does anybody know what type they are? 



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you can't glue leathers down; they produce a slime when agitated and will just slide right off. You have to sew it down with a needle and thread (sew right through the frag) or use a rubber band to hold it onto the rock. If you use a rubber band, you have to be careful that it's not too tight or you'll cut right through it and have multiple pieces floating around your tank

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6 hours ago, Floundering_Around said:

they look like sarcophytan to me. Care is pretty much the same regardless

i would agree. ive kept these exact coral, and theyre prolly the hardiest coral out there

36 minutes ago, SaltKeeper44 said:

Anybody know what this white tube stuff is? Is it bad?



looks like a sponge. leave it there. its not harmful.

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