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Mushroom, Soft coral, and Hermit ID's (MANY pics)


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I really did not want to trouble anyone with an ID question, but I am having trouble figuring out what everything in my tank is. Most of these came as either hitchikers or through a package. I normally don't buy things without researching 1st. Please let me know if any of these have special requirements.


I have several of these in my tanks. Some are boring brown, while others are brighter green:




Is this a ricordia? Is there a more specific term other than just ricordia mushroom that applies to this type?:



I'm pretty sure this is just a simple green mushroom:



But is this a Blue mushroom? It looks just like the green one, but is blue instead:



What type of mushroom are these? They seem a little hairy, but I do not know if they are the hairy mushrooms or not:



This came as a part of a package. I think it is Goniopora. I have heard that these are hard to care for, but mine seems to be doing great.




In the bottom left. Did I accurately ID this as a Kenya tree? I also got this as a part of a package. how hard are they to keep? Do they have any special requirements? (Bottom left)



And finally, I was wondering what type of hermit has appeared in my tank. It has a black shell. It also has black leggs with red toes). He has not bothered, nor been bothered by my blue legged hermits yet. Sorry, I don't have a picture of him.


Thank you so much for your time. I tried looking up as much as I could, but was not 100% sure of each item. Thank you again for your time.

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I am sorry, but photobucket has been giving me trouble lately. Try right clicking and "show picture." If this does not work, please come back tomorrow. There is something wrong with photobuckets server.

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i saw some of the pics yesterday, but not of the ric. the shrooms that i saw were just shrooms. can not answer questions about their colors.

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#1 looks like a manjano anenome

#2 Ricordia floridia

#3,4,5 Actinodiscus sp. mushrooms

#6 Clavularia sp. Clove Polyps

#7 I don't know leather corals very well.

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The first are mojano anemones and are considered pests. They reproduce rapidly and will sting your other corals so you may want to buy some Joe's Juice and erradicate them. Do a search and you will find many other ways to kill them.


That is actually an alveopora NOT a goniopora. This is a good thing trust me. Much easier to care for. You can tell by the number of petals - you have 12 per polyp so it is an alveopora. Goni's have 24 I believe.


You are right about the other things and josh's ID's can help you from there.


Good luck,



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Thank you for the updates. I am sorry to hear that the Mojano anemones are a pest, since I think the green ones are very colorful. I believe you all know what you are talking about, however #5 is much different from three and four. I guess it makes sense that a little variation can exist though. I am glad that I have alveopora (or, Clavularia) since I want everything in my tank to do well.


Thank you so much for the ID's everyone. I will now get to work researching exactly what each one needs to be at its peak health.


Any clues on the last one?

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