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replace deceased fish

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Hi, have a 16gallon bio cube. had a clownfish that just died after many great years of enjoyment. He was living in this 16gallon Bio cube with a blue velvet Damsel for about a year.( he lived with another Damsel for many years before this one) I was wondering if I can get another clownfish and if so, how soon should I do the introduction. Know the Damsels can be territorial, and thought sooner the better. I don't want to cause any harm to fish. Thanks for whatever advice. Thanks. 

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When stocking, you normally add the most aggressive fish last.  You have a lot going against you.  The Damsel is mature (usually means aggressive), and has been in there for awhile (usually means territorial), and is naturally aggressive, and is related to clownfish.


Personally, I don't predict a clownfish addition going well.  I might try another aggressive fish like a captive bred Fridman's Pseudochromis, or give your Demsel away and get a clownfish (or clownfish pair).

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Thanks. any thoughts on a hawksbill? the clown and the damsel got along ok for a long time. that's why i was thinking of another clownfish.

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