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Could my clowns have eaten my fire goby?

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Hey all,

    I have a 16 gallon biocube with 2 ocellaris, zebra hermit, and a green emerald crab. I added a fire goby last week and he was doing really well, it took awhile for him to come out so I could feed him but yesterday he was doing especially well. The clowns chase him a little bit bit I hadn't seen anything really terrible. Today I found it at the bottom with almost half of it missing, it's spine was showing. It was still alive, shockingly. I had to end it's suffering unfortunately. Any clues as to what may have happened? I have 2 powerheads but I don't see how it could have possibly got stuck in it. When I first got into the hobby a few years ago I was reading that it would be fine to keep the three fish in a tank that size but I've  been doing a lot of reading the last few days and it seems that some people say that it's okay but some say that it's overstocked. Suggestions? 

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You will probably never know for sure. Most people recommend putting the most peaceful or timid fish in a tank first so they can establish their territory. Unfortunately clown fish grow to be very territorial and bully's. Fire-fish are very peaceful. Sometimes rearranging the aquascape before putting in the new fish helps because the previous territory no longer exists. Other wise you may need to consider a less peaceful fish that can hold it's own with clowns.

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