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5 Gallon nano reef tank

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Ya that should be good.


I run the aqueon 600 in my 5.5


I have strong flow in my tank and it's all I run.


If you need more you can always add a small powerhead like the hydor pico evo. 


I like using  filter floss, carbon, and purigen.


Floss and chemipure is good too.


You could do the media basket in the first chamber, then a mini fuge with chaeto, then the pump chamber.


If you aren't doing an ato, then the heater will need to go in the second chamber. 


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I think the 600 will fit perfectly because the 1000 is too large.

The powerhead i have is a Fluval CP1 , specs below.

For the auto top off, i don't have one for now but I'm planning having one.

Why should i put the heater in the second chamber with the chaeto instead of the last one with the pump if not having a ato ?



Fluval CP1:


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