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15g Converted Fluval Flex

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I was three days in with 13.5 lbs of live rock, came with green polyp, brown zoanthid, and some unknown pink looking coral (all right side)





- Added in 6 red legged hermit crabs, 2 clownfish, and a fire red red shrimp 

- Upgraded my wave maker to the OW-10 and replaced the stock 6500k light with (2) 1ft 10,000k lights with 423nm blue accents 

- Added a Kenya tree coral & neon green Zoanthid (both left side) 






Started dealing with some diatom algae and geeen hair algae

- Added another 6 hermit crabs (12 total now), 3 Mexican turbo snails, and female emerald crab 

- Created a mini cheato algae Refugium in chamber #2 and a DIY media reactor filled with phosguard in chamber #3






My favorite update so far! 

- Added in a two headed torch coral 

- Added a blue demsel (will be getting him a friend in the next two weeks) along with a neon dottyback who’s finally starting to emerge from his caves! 

        - both can be seen in the middle of tank 


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Tank looks great. 


4 fish, especially aggressive fish is too much for a 15g.  

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Very nice looking tank!

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I had my old 15g converted flex up and running for about a year and a half. I had to break it all down when I moved houses. I kept the live rock in a 5 gallon bucket for about six months while changing the water regularly with a heater and wave maker. I was finally able to set the whole system back up in March 2020. Couple different pieces of live rock are new along with the corals and fish. New additions are a cheato refugium in my second chamber and a surface skimmer in the display. Water cycled rather quick as the live rock didn’t exhibit much decay of algae from being in the buckets. 

My next project is going to be creating a 30 gallon AIO fish tank. I’m going to pick up an empty rectangular fish tank from Petco and insert the baffles and dividers as I find just. I can’t find any AIO fish tanks online that give the refugium ample room for the cheato to grow and rotate. Any ideas? I’ll need new lighting as well and I’ve been looking online but I can’t get a sure answer as to how much power I need in my lights for a 20-30 gallon tank with a maximum depth of 12”. Any ideas? 




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Update 09/16/2020 



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