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Project: Caribbean Lagoon

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Wow.  Nice RFA additions.  The price at SaltCritters was the lowest I've seen for RFAs.  Ever.  


I had a bunch in my cart, thought about it some more, then went back to find that they were all sold.  Probably to you.  :)  Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.  I may place an order next round.  

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9 hours ago, righttirefire said:

I hate messing with anenomes especially when they're new to a system, but theyre struggling to attach in the sand. When the return pump was turned on the ones not attached to the blew around.

I shut off the pump and put all the RFAs on the rock and will allow them to try and attach again with the flow off.


The Royal Gramma seems to like the flow off, out and adventuring. Until I walk up to the tank, and into hiding it goes


I would be scared to did you see the reflection :whoa:

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