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Clownfish and Blenny Help

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Hi, Around a week ago I got a Tribal blenny from my LFS for my 34-gallon mixed reef tank. My current stock was a six-line wrasse, 3 clownfish (yes, I know, not normal, but the guy I bought it from had all 3 for two years, and now I have had them for a year so they are all cool), pistol shrimp, and a cleaner shrimp. I never had problems introducing fish to the tank ever before (the clowns were the only original stock), and so I thought all would be good. Boy, was I wrong, the big female was immediately aggressive, and not even just nips, once when into the rockwork and came out with him in his mouth; on top of that, she has become increasingly aggressive towards one of her clown mates. The Blenny now takes shelter in the very back on the tank were the clowns can't go. I and probably going to return him tomorrow as they have yet to stop fighting, the big female is still searching for him as she knows he is in the back. I have several questions.

1) Why would the clown be aggressive all of a sudden? 

2) Is there a way to stop this?

3) Can I get new fish or will she always act like this now?


Update: Now even the medium clown is going after the blenny 



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Maybe they are thinking about spawning? Clowns can turn nasty if they are getting urges. It sounds like you also could end up with just two clowns as well. 


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1} Because it's there tank/territory now.

2}Maybe if you rearrange the whole tank/rock work but probably not.

3}Again trial and error but probably not unless you go with a semi aggressive new fish but that opens other problems.

You really need to do research on the fish want and plan accordingly. Adding the mellow fish first aka blenny then adding semi aggressive fish last aka clowns.

And yes clowns are listed as semi aggressive. 

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Just a head's up - BME, tribal blennies can be a bit territorial as they grow in size. If you're keeping the blenny, make sure it has adequate rockcover/hidey holes. Don't forget to supply its diet with Nori also. 


Not sure why the clown turned aggressive, but as Tamberav suggested above, it could be spawning behavior. And you might consider rehoming 1 of the clowns. 3 in a set won't last long - the dominant pair will eventually give hell to the third guy and either kill it or stress it out very badly. 

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