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Can the BRS Dual Reactor be used for chaeto?

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Hey guys!

I have the red sea max nano and there isnt much i could do to run media or grow chaeto due to the all in one restrictions. 

Currently im running CPE but i wanted to add a reactor to grow chaeto. 

I just cant decide which reactor i want to buy and while i was looking at some options i glanced at the dual reactor from BRS. 

I was wondering if anyone has tried using one of the reactors for chaeto and the other for gfo/carbon? is that an overkill? 

Would one decent pump be adequate for the dual reactors? would both the medias/algae require different flow or something? 

Anything im missing here?


Sorry for the long post but just thoughts i had in mind before executing it. 


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First of all I wouldn't do both Chaeto and GFO - I'd pick one or the other depending on your needs. If you have both high nitrates and phosphates (or they are at least in balance), go with the Chaeto since it drops both Nitrates and Phoshates (and carbon). If your nitrates are on point, but you have high phosphates - than go with GFO since it only removes phosphate. Also, for a nano tank, there is no need to run carbon through a reactor - simply tossing some in a bag (if any at all) is fine.


If you did go with both, I wouldn't want to use a dual reactor for that. You are going to want more flow to tumble and move the chaeto than you'd want running through GFO (which is very minimal flow). GFO tends to clog the reactor and you have to adjust the reactor flow every few days to keep it correct. I'd go with a single reactor for chaeto and run it without any insert or filter to maximize space inside. I'd also want to isolate the lit chaeto reactor and keep the GFO reactor in the dark to prevent crap from growing inside it and clogging even faster.

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awesome advice my friend, thank you! i think chaeto alone makes sense to simplify things. 

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2 minutes ago, burtbollinger said:



wise words a smart man once said 

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