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Water Box 20 Gonna be Special

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Very cool. Can't wait to see more

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So I purchased a new Hydra 26 HD (white) today online, I still need to find a mount , my thinking is to first find the best mount (?) and then to prime and paint (3-4 coats) it white to match both the Hydra and the background behind the tank which is in a corner and very bright white 
 Anyone ever heard of anyone doing this? 
I also believe it might give a cool effect of the light almost floating above the tank as it blends in with the mount and the walls in my fish cave. I assume Ill probably have to paint or tape the exposed parts of the what I assume is a black cord. Anyone ? Ideas? Thoughts? I think its a little weird they make the light in white but not a white mount, but I'll figure a work around.
 Anyone know anything about powder coating ? 
Thanks in advance 

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On 2/1/2019 at 7:14 AM, ZeroEvoX said:



Yea a old School Ranger fan living in Chicago for 20 years, Like the Hawks now , by still root for the Rangers in the Eastern conference 

Potvin Sucks 

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