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Live Rock in the San Francisco Bay area


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Does anybody know where i can find good quality Live Rock in the San Francisco Bay area? I would also consider buying online but that seems too expensive. I am in the process of preparing for the arrival of my new nano cube deluxe and have not been able to find a LFS that carries decent LR...


Thanks in advance

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Thats the wab site. Whats cool is once you get your tank going every sunday they do whats called baglot where they sell stuff realy realy cheap(although its pre bagged. i saw a lionfish dead. )and every single coral even an sps the size of two fists put together is only 18.99 thats everyday not the baglot

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There good they sell a pretty big selction for such a small place.

Sometimes they sell adult enriched brine shrimp wjich is kind of cool. Oh you will see when you go there.

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