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Big Als Online....BEWARE!


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Wanted to just share my latest experience with them and hope none else has to go through the same thing. Wanted to pick up a Eheim 1000 on sale on their website for $28.99. Showed no stock so I signed up for email stock notification. Jan. 7th after I received an email from them stating the the item (Eheim pump 1000) was back in stock, I placed the order 30min. after I got the email. I added various other smaller items to qualify for the free shipping. Jan. 11th they refunded the amount for Eheim pump 1000 even though their website showed they had in stock. I emailed them for clarification on Jan 11th after the refund and again Jan 15th and still no reply to my inquiry. Even though their system said the inquiry was assigned to the manager named Travis. The rest of the order still showed as not shipped and processing 8 days after order placed with no response to my email. Jan. 17, I requested cancellation of order and refund. Again their system sent a email saying they received my request. No response. Jan. 18th receive tracking # without the Eheim 1000 but still no replies to my email. Then I see the shipment was not actually picked up till Jan 24th. Still not a word from them despite a pretty nasty last email from me. Paypal case opened, not expecting much but who knows. Did some more digging online and seems this is common practice for them. They display crazy deals on items with no intention of fulfilling the orders. The same situation happened to an order I placed with them 2 weeks prior with a heater, but I didn't think much of it. They are shady...buyer beware!!! Going to post this on multiple forums. Hopefully no one gets the same trap.

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Agree with Ty, I had an order show up damaged by UPS and submitted a ticket. Couple days later no update to the ticket so I called and Travis answered. He bent over backwards to go after UPS for the claim for me. In the end, UPS decided they had no fault even though I had them on video throwing my box onto my concrete front porch, and Big Al's ate the loss and refunded me even though it was in no way their fault. Give them a call and I'm sure they'll make it right. 

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