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Jbm's 80 deep *I did a thing, and im not to proud*

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My 20 long has been up for a year with no major issues. So,  it's time for a upgrade. 


Specs are as follows:


Deep blue Tank 48x24x16

Bubble Magus C5.5

PM 36x18 refuge

120w led lights

Mag 9.5 return pump


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Taking it home as we speak


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Size comparison to my current 20 long



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Temps have been a stable 75-75.8*

Mag 9.5 is doing a great job of keeping the surface agitated. Salinity is slightly down from 1.025 to 1.021 I will have to bring it up a bit

Corals are responding well to the transfer & 24hr black out. Fish have eaten twice since being moved. Now to let things sit for a week and make sure there are no ammonia spikes (which im pretty sure there wont be, entire bio filter minus sand bed was transfered including 16 gallons of original tank water). Eventually I will add some more base rock to fill scape out, but im very much enjoying the open-ness





Things left to do:


-Set up/mount refugium lighting.

-add more macro algae to refugium and display

-Repair one of the led fixtures

-Hang Lighting

-purchase ato & container

-buy hundreds of frags

-buy more anemones

-buy plating corals

-go crazy

-decide open top or keep glass lids

-enjoy new set-up

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$2 toggle bolt rated for 120#

$1.50 worth of 95# double loop chain.


Diy led light hanging kit. Much more better


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11 hours ago, StinkyBunny said:

These 80g tanks are perfect reef tanks. We have 2 80g reef tanks and 1 80g planted.

I couldnt agree more. These dimensions are the perfect bridge between nano and large reef. Has the length and depth every 20 long and 40 breeder owner desires.


Best part. No matter where i go in the tank, no wet armpit. Like i used to get in my  4 foot 120.


Seriously was a perfect upgrade, i reused almost all of my equipment. Didnt need to buy a new vortech, the mp10 does just fine at 80% reefcrest. My old led fixture is now my fuge light.


Do you have a thread on your planted tank? Id love to read through.

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Here's the first page, the planted stuff is around page 10 when we decided to call it a day with her 80. It never settled in, grew all kinds of algae so it's now planted. If you do Instagram, she's chewman2000.



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41 minutes ago, Tamberav said:

How you liking the upgrade? Did the coral handle it okay? 


All of my corals did just fine. It was a one day transition transfer.


Ive had large fowlrs in the past. Only difference being depth. I really enjoy the dimensions. Things should grow in nicely. Plus, tons more room for frags

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Quick little photo dump.





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Everybody's favorite part of the hobby right? 🤣


Tank has been running for 20 days. No3 hasnt risen above 10ppm. Going to start with bi weekly 12 gallon water changes. See how that works out for a month. Adjust from there.


The 20 long really only needed 4 gallons a month to keep no3 bellow 10ppm, and calcium up.


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Some new additions prior to the wc







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First 12 gallon water change in the books. Full parameter test tomorrow.


I had been toying with the idea of adding a reactor or two since the upgrade. Today confirmed it for me. When siphoning out water, I noticed that it had a yellow ting compared to the new fresh batch I made. 


That means re-doing my return piping, from flex to ridgid. Adding in two ports for reactors. Why two? Future proofing. And the mag 9.5 is already throttled back to 60-75% as is.


Yes i could just toss in a maxijet 400 and a two little fishes reactor. But where is the fun in that?

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Found a local guy selling new filter socks for $2.50 each. 200 micron. So im gonna pick up 20 of them :lol:

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Did some water parameter checking. Results as follows


Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrates: <1ppm

Calcium: 500ppm

Phosphate 0.05

Sg 1.025

Temp 76*


Im highly suprised that even after adding 60+ gallons, 50lbs of base rock, and 3 extra fish to the system in a month everything is stable and happy. Not to mention im feeding a entire sheet of nori everyday. And alternating between frozen and flake.


Well, im mixing 11 gallons of water as we speak. Not that the system needs it, Id just rather change it then have a problem.


In the future, ill be adding a flame angle, a couple of fire fish. And a yellow tang.

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