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Bloodhouse First SW

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Day 24.

After 2 days of no lights on, and a little bit of turkey baster clean up, it looks like my diatoms have disappeared. I've had my lights on the normal ramp on ramp off for a few days now and no diatoms. I'm kind of surprised that they just disappeared. My floss did have to get changed out twice though last week, so I assume that was why.




Now I'm seeing some tiny neon green specs starting to cover surfaces of the rock.




I've also added my first fish (drum roll)...


An Orchid Dottyback. It's a really tiny one! He's been hiding in the rock but did come out when I turned off the pump and powerhead to feed him.




So far things seem to be going pretty well. I'll continue testing my water parameters daily to make sure I don't get any swings. I have 5 gallons for a water change and Kent ammonia detox on standby if needed.

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Day 29.

Second fish added a couple days ago. Electric Blue Damsel.




Looks like the fin issue of the Orchid Dottyback was from nipping. Started doing daily 1 gallon water changes after I saw the fin looking raggidy just in case it was something with my water. Definitely looks better today. I'll keep an eye on it and continue daily or every other day water changes until the fin is 💯. I've gotten water changes down to a very quick 5 minute deal. 


Both fish are extremely active. The Damsel is a bit of a bully, but I won't be adding any other fish so they have plenty of space to share. I also broke a little bit more off my larger piece of live rock. Gave them more room to do laps around the tank. They both love it because now there's two small overhangs that they alternate swimming under. The Damsel has made the Orchid so much more comfortable swimming around the tank. He does chase every once in a while but it's usually a quick burst and then on to the next floaty thing it hopes is food.


Orchid has started nipping at the rockwork under a small overhang. I haven't added any pods or anything but I did see a little orange spec crawling on the glass. I think if I do have any pods or critters they're from my LFS water. All my rock except for a tiny piece was dry.


Haven't seen diatoms in a week or so. No new slimey bubbles anywhere so I'm happy about that. I attribute that to the Jebao rw-4 and water changes. The diatoms lasted like 4-5 days max. As soon as I saw them I bought the Jebao. Looks like I have some neon green corraline growing on the rock surfaces. Excited to see how that develops.


Tank looks good. I've put a lot of time and energy into this. It feels good nothing has died yet! Tank will remain fish only until I get back from a trip in March. I'm not sure if I have anyone who can feed my fish while I'm on vacation though so looking into auto feeder options. If anyone has a good one lemme know.




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