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first coral


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My girlfriend is starting a new tank and wants to get a coral we where looking at bubble coral, plate coral and brain coral. I dont have much experience with corals so can you please tell me what would be good for a beginer.

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definatley softies only and maybe some other lps. i suggest collerful zoo's like eagle eyes if ya can afford them or yellow star polyps,shrooms of all sorts leathers too.i would avoid the bubble and plate coral for begginers. A green open brain i suppose would be alright for a begginer. Dose your tank with calcium,iodine etc and keep up water changes and you should be goodB)


edit: oh also what light is she gonna have on her tank and what size tank. can you post specs.

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it is a 5 hex with a 23w daylight bulb and a 20 corallife 50/50. it has a AC mini and a 50w heater. we have no fish yet and we got a cleen up crew last week I have been testing the tank and has already seen the spikes.

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If i were to dose, I would dose only a calcium/alkalinity supplement.


I would not dose all those supplements like iodine, strontium , manganese, and those other wacky elements

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