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30% Shipping discounts?

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For those who ship corals, has anyone ever tried shipyourreptiles.com? Looks essentially like a FedEx group buy for shipping reptiles, but when I read the FAQ it specifically lists fish and corals as animals that can be shipped through this site. Apparently this is the gold standard for the reptile hobby and professional reptile breeders, so must be something to it. Definitely worth checking out for those of you that ship a lot of coral @HarryPotter





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I haven’t tried them specifically. But FedEx is usually double or the cost of USPS, so 30% off their rate wouldn’t help that much. I typically use USPS priority express- around $50 for 5lb box, delivered by noon. Often, around 30% of the time  they are 20 minutes to an hour late and refund the entire shipping cost. 

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They sponsored the community many years ago, they had a ‘Ship Your Aquatics’ sub brand that worked the same. No reason you couldn’t use the repitile site just the same for labels though! I bought shipping from them years ago. 

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