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Anemone Jar Inquiry

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The popularity of jar reefs  coupled with the video below is inspiring me to create a desktop biotope with just anemones.  I used to have a bunodosoma cavernata in a 2 gallon while in college but that was almost 40 years ago when undergravel filters were the norm.  In the past decade I have seen others keep condys, rock flowers, bubble tip and even min-maxis in nano tanks, but there is something intriguing about going smaller and trying an anemone in a jar.


I came across this article and would like to do something similar but with a different, more colorful anemone. 



First choice would be the red beadlet anemone (Actinia equina) but they are impossible to find in the USA.  Waratahs are also difficult to locate and they are cold water, therefore not being considered atm.  So my search is leaning towards majano's...  a green one or one with colored tips would be ideal.


The closest marine LFS is about 80 miles away so I really don't have the option of browsing through their live rock in the attempt to find one.  I am currently searching online and the reefing community for a colorful majano, but since most hobbyists kill them on sight my attempts to locate even a single specimen have not been productive.  





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