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Hayseed's Howewrecker IM 10 Nuvo

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In a move that may very well lead to a divorce, I bought a bunch of stuff.


So far I have ordered:


IM 10 Nuvo


Mighty Jet 326gph DC pump


Lumini Pixie 30 C.O.B. led light


inTank Media Basket and filter floss


IM Spinstream


Cobalt Neo-therm 50 watt heater


IM Nano mag cleaner


Tropic Marin Bio-Actif salt


API Reef master test kit


Caribsea Hawaiian Black sand


Working on sourcing some Bali Alor live rock


This is all in addition to the two Mini Complete Tanks I'm setting up. 


Everything is supposed to hit my doorstep Monday...and the wife is off Monday. Additionally, I work 12 hour night shifts all weekend, so me being conscious enough to intercept the packages is unlikely.


I'd like to publicly state, here and now, that if a divorce occurs, the blame rests firmly upon the awe-inspiring IM 10s of teenyreef and CannedFish. 


Wish me luck, gentlemen.



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whats the damage? $$$$ also when you say 2 minis? are these just waiting to start or are they running. 


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1 hour ago, saltbae said:

whats the damage? $$$$ also when you say 2 minis? are these just waiting to start or are they running. 


Total Damage for the IM 10 (so far) is about $450.00. Still need live rock.


I've got a black Mini Tank set up, but I just have some old rock in there purifying with carbon and distilled water. I'm paranoid sitting dry for years has somehow compromised it.


Got a white Mini Tank that should be delivered tomorrow.  Total in the Mini's is $200 so far.


I talked myself into the IM 10 because I started worrying about all the possible (and likely) disasters with the small water volume of the Minis. I want to do high end zoas and plays in them, so obviously I need a safe tank to put them in if things start going bad. 


Of course, I could've cleaned up any of the half dozen tanks I have rotting in the garage, but what's the fun in that?

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Divorce pending. She grew suspicious when I handed her cash and told her to go get a mani-pedi. 15 minutes later, she's about to leave *Ding-Dong* and it looked like an aquarium shop was setting up outside my door. She was not pleased. 

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